The Secretariat is the permanent organ of the Association. It performs the functions assigned to it in the present Charter and shall carry out the duties entrusted to it by the General Assembly and the Executive Board.


According to the AAEA Chapter, the Secretariat shall be composed of the Executive Secretary and other personnel as may be necessary for the execution of the functions entrusted to it. Unless otherwise determined by the General Assembly, the Executive Secretary shall be a person designated by the Secretariat and approved by the Executive Board and shall serve as the Secretary of the Board, with voice but not vote. During the temporary absence or disability of the Executive Secretary, other personnel shall be designated to perform his/her duties. The Executive Secretary shall:


  1. Submit reports on the Association's activity and its financial condition to the regular sessions of the Executive Board and at any time upon request;
  2. Prepare arrangements for meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board;
  3. Make recommendations concerning the work of the Association for consideration by the appropriate organs of the Association;
  4. Prepare and disseminate surveys, studies, information and guidance on legal and political matters essential for broadening and deepening cooperation among member institutions;
  5. Draft proposals and agreements on matters arising from the decisions and recommendations of the General Assembly and the Executive Board;
  6. Prepare the budget of the Association and, upon the approval of the Executive Board, submit it to the General Assembly;
  7. Serve as the depositary of the Association's documents and official records;
  8. Establish relations of cooperation, in accordance with decisions reached by the General Assembly and the Executive Board, with other regional and international electoral organizations or any other organizations which are concerned with electoral processes;
  9. Notify members of the dates of meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive Board, and of all events open to the membership; and
  10. Prepare minutes of the General Assembly meetings.


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