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May 2022

COMELEC Philippines as the current AAEA Chairperson will host a Hybrid (combination of face to face and virtual setup) Executive Board Meeting and General Assembly on May 7, 2022, from 1:00 to 6:00pm PHT at the Marriott Hotel, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

These meetings will be conducted pursuant to Article 3.7.1 of the AAEA Charter which states that the Executive Board shall meet once a year and shall hold extraordinary meetings when convened by the Chairperson and Article 3.2.3 which states that the General Assembly shall meet at least once every two years.

In the Executive Board Meeting, the following agenda will be discussed and decided upon:

  1. 1. Turn-over of the position of AAEA Chairperson from COMELEC Philippines to Vice-Chairperson, CEC of Russian Federation if the latter can accept the position although AAEA is not yet registered to date;
  2. 2. Positions to be elected (Vice-Chairperson and five (5) full Members, with two (2) members from each of the three (3) regions);
  3. 3. Work Plan for 2022-2023; and
  4. 4. Discussion on the future direction of AAEA on experiences sharing, building a better AAEA Community, training and capacity building, documentation of best practices, and strengthening the organization.

In the General Assembly, there will be an election of the next AAEA Chairperson if the CEC of Russian Federation could not accept the Chairpersonship from COMELEC Philippines, Vice-Chairperson and five (5) Members. The venue for the 2023 Executive Board Meeting will also be agreed upon during the said assembly.

Each AAEA Election Management Body (EMB) Member shall also have a 10-minute presentation on the topic EMB/Country’s Gender Issues and Concerns in Elections, Action/s Taken and Recommended Solutions.

The AAEA, with twenty (20) current members, shall continue to promote and institutionalize open and transparent elections, independent and impartial election authorities, professionalization of Asian election authorities, citizen participation in the electoral and civic process, information sharing, and the development of resources for election-related information and research.

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