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May 2022

The Association of Asian Election Authority, in its Hybrid General Assembly (GA) on May 07, 2022 at the Marriot Hotel, Pasay City, Philippines, elected its new set of officers for 2022-2024 after the manifestation of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation that it still cannot accept the turnover of the AAEA chairpersonship from the Commission on Elections of the Philippines. The former's inability to accept the turn-over has been due to the legal hindrances that caused the failure of AAEA to get registered. It, however, committed to work actively for the association.

The GA proceeded with the election pursuant to Article 3.5.5 which states that the tenure of the Executive Board shall be from March to March for two years.

It may be noted that the COMELEC Philippines had served as AAEA Chairperson for five years since it accepted the position of Chairperson from the Election Commission of India in March 2017.

Per approved Resolutions of the Executive Board dated September 7, 2019 and October 1, 2020, the extended tenure of the Commission on Elections of the Philippines and all members of the Executive Board was until a formal turnover of the positions happens or the new set of Members of the Executive Board shall have been elected.

The new set of AAEA Officers for 2022-2024 is composed of the following EMBs:

Chairperson : Election Commission of India

Vice-Chairperson : Central Election Commission, Taiwan, R.O.C

Members :

South Asia:

Election Commission of Maldives

Election Commission of Sri Lanka

Central Asia:

Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation

Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan

South East Asia/Asia Pacific:

Commission on Elections, Philippines

The 2023 Executive Board Meeting will be held in India as proposed by the new Chairperson.

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